Adorn the Mess (gif of video)

Artist Statement:
Crippling self-doubt offset by the need to create and share images makes a curious cocktail. There is a constant war anthem in the head of some artists. There is no pretty bow to wrap and deliver the flaws. Agoraphobic early morning sessions of wild mark making and late night impulses to record mundane processes form the curvature of the week. Let’s ignore the platitudes and face the mess. I’m the mess and my work is the mess. Let me adorn it for you to make it easier to look at.

Jen Frost Smith uses methods of action painting and collage to create an immersive environment in which symbols and mark-making express the layers of self-worth within the language of contemporary art such as painting, video, and installation. She is a self-professed Maximalist. Accompanying the installation at Provenance Gallery, during the month of October, is an interactive web-based performance located at